Silas’ Birth Story

This post contains the story of my home water birth with my oldest son.  It’s about the moment I became a mama!  I remember spending hours pouring over birth stories I found online trying to figure out how labor would be.  So, in a way, this is me giving back to that!  I hope this post finds some mama somewhere, nervous about birth, and shows her that she already has within her what she needs!

All photos in this post are credited to Foothills Midwifery. There aren’t many of the actual labor because, well, it was ridiculously fast for a first time labor.

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New Beginnings

A few weeks ago, we had a snow day and I stopped in to see my former doula/current mama friend and opened up my heart to her. She, probably more joking than not, said “Why don’t you come be a childbirth educator!” You guys, sometimes God picks the oddest of moments to plant a calling on your life.

Hours of Googling ensued, and I’m so excited to register this week for the International Childbirth Educators Association and my childbirth educators course this week! My husband, the wise businessman and negotiator that he is, made only one request before he signed on with my dreams: I had to go observe an actual childbirth class (our budget with our first had only allowed us to get a doula OR take a class, we opted for the doula).Read More »