A Sweet Weekend

Friday, my husband almost brought home baby goats.  Last weekend, he brought home a baby bunny.  We have an actual baby.  I am in school studying babies.  We just got baby chicks.  I don’t think we have a baby PROBLEM around here, what we’ve got is a baby SOLUTION 😉

Yesterday, grandma took our older son out to lunch at the drive-in and Dylan and I snuck out to grab some baby chicks!  Our first choice feed store was all out, so we went to a smaller feed store near home and got three.  Then, I went out to get a new feeder (ours was too big for chicks) and I may have come home with four more!  Okay, I did.  I definitely did.


So, we now have Rocky, Feist, Sweet Bunny One, Marshall, Penguin, and two more we still have to name.  Silas is over-the-moon excited, and I’ve gone to check on them approximately 254 times in the last 24 hours.  I’ve never had chickens, so I’m a liiiittle nervous, but I’ve got many friends in town who are “chicken people” and are helping me out along the way.  I can’t wait until this summer when we start getting eggs from them!

We’ve also had a few sunny days in a row now. Okay, a couple.  Alright, it was two.  We’ve been spending as much time as possible out in the yard and on the walking trail we live near.  Silas had to take his “motorcycle” for a cruise the other day.


Notice his little slippers?  One of the things that really captures my heart about this age is how fiercely independent he wants to be.  He wants to decide what he wears — especially the shoes and hats he wears.  As you can see, this day he insisted on leaving the house with Rudolph slippers for footwear.  My kid looked like a goof, he was ecstatic, I was happy and got to have my coffee and afternoon walk, it was a win-win.


This morning we started out with sourdough pancakes and bacon followed by church.  It was STANDING ROOM ONLY this morning, and I was back in nursery where we had 19 children two and under! (with many adults, don’t worry!) Followed by an Easter egg hunt.  Both of the kiddos partied so hard that they’re napping at the same time.  This NEVER HAPPENS so I am soaking it in with my feet up on the couch about to get down with some anatomy and physiology of pregnancy reading.

EDIT: Baby woke up before I hit “Publish”.  That sure was a nice two minutes! 🙂

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