That Time We Had a Pet Bunny for 1 Hour and 23 Minutes

There’s never a dull moment here! House cleaning? We could work on it. Patience? We try. Communication? Getting there. Excitement? Always!

Yesterday, I was wiped. It had been a long night Saturday evening and after we’d gotten the boys to church and back, I was spent! I went to lay down and read for a little while (thank you awesome husband!) and awoke to a quiet house. I basked in it, relished in it, soaked it all in. It’s always a little suspicious, but I figured everyone must be outside enjoying the rare sunny spring day.

Out in the living room, the baby was napping, but the three year old and my husband were nowhere to be found. I peeked out the window and what do I see? The two of them, smiles wide, walking home hand-in-hand, carrying something tiny. Something tiny and furry. Something way tinier and furrier than our dog.

“We got Jack the bunny! These girls at the park gave him to us! We need to get him a cage and some goat’s milk!” Dylan explained. Son #1 was excited as all get out about the tiny, soft addition with the twitchy nose. He was very sure that Jack was hungry and needed some milk right away.

So what else do you do when you’ve got a nurturing heart, a child so excited about this tiny creature, and a problem saying no? You turn down the oven, pile in the car, and go get a cage, some goat’s milk, and some bedding, of course!

Everyone was SO EXCITED about our adorable little guy. But halfway through PetCo, my son says, “Mommy, Jack’s home was under the SCHOOL!” and I realize what has happened. My husband, the sweetest man alive, got conned by some sweet little seven-year-olds into taking home a wild rabbit. It turns out, they didn’t own the bunnies after all, had been playing with them under the portable at the school across the street.

So, home we went, to say our goodbyes to Jack and return him to the wild frontier under the old school portable. All day long the joke has been “Remember that time we had a pet rabbit?!” I’m so glad we don’t! I have no idea how we’d have kept the cat and dog out of his face. That and I have massive grass allergies, and hay gets those going for me. So, at the end of the day, we had a lot of fun and excitement, and everything got to go back to normal. We’ve settled on getting Easter chicks instead.

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